Guidelines of Internship & Essential Requirements:-

Candidates seeking entry to the Internship Period must have passed all examinations in all subjects (i.e., He/she must have secured total credits of the Programme).

Hospital (in which student seek for internship) is requested to adhere to the guidelines of DCPT & OT (statutory body) & GGSIP University while posting the intern during internship.

Total training hours during the internship period will be 1260 hours

The intern is required to be posted in following Specialty /Departments for one month each

  • I. Orthopaedics (including ICSU)
  • II. Neurology (including ICU)
  • III. Medicine (including ICMU)
  • IV. Surgery (including ICSU)
  • V. Paediatrics/Geriatrics
  • VI. Community Physiotherapy /CBR & Rural Exposure

It should be ensured that students receive exposure at all stages i.e., Acute, Sub – Acute and Chronic patient for Physiotherapy Management –with emphasis on Indoor (Inpatient Department) and Outdoor (Outpatient Department)

After completion of the internship, interns are required to submit Internship Completion Certificate, Attendance sheet & Assessment Proforma in the prescribed format only. Therefore, the hospital is requested to kindly issue these prescribed documents when appropriate & applicable. The copy of the prescribed formats is available at the institute.

An intern will abide by all the Rules & Regulations of Institution/Hospital where they are posted.

An intern is entitled to one leave per month only.

Intern shall be responsible for proper use of equipment of the Institute/Hospital where they are posted. He/she shall be liable to pay for damages caused to the equipment resulting from improper use by him/her.

Internship duration can be extended by the Principal / Director on the grounds:

Remaining absent in excess of the period, which is due: An intern will compensate by working 1 day for each extra leave taken.

Unsatisfactory performance during the period: in the event of an unsatisfactory report submitted by the Department In-charge, the period of internship will be considered null & void and thus must be repeated.

A case of indiscipline at any level: Discipline Committee exists in the Institution. In case of any lack of discipline, breach of trust or indulgence in any criminal activity on the part of the interns when reported by the concerned departments of Hospitals/Institutions, where the interns have been posted, the defaulting Intern shall be called back immediately and subjected to disciplinary proceedings by the Disciplinary Committee.

In the event of unsatisfactory report/ noncompliance of the guidelines of internship as stipulated by the DCPT&OT (statutory body) & GGSIP University and non-submission of Internship Completion Certificate, Attendance Sheet & Assessment Proforma for Internship in prescribed formats, the said intern shall have to repeat the internship for the period to be decided by the undersigned.

Interns are mandatory to submit duly completed joining report (on prescribed format available at the institute) to the Institute within 7 days of the joining date, failing which the internship shall stand cancelled