Exercise therapy lab

The lab enables for hands-on training and development of skills for developing and conducting patient exercise programmes. A shoulder wheel, finger ladder, wall bar, parallel bar, suspension apparatus, Swiss balls, pronation supination board, wrist roller, hand gym kit board, wrist exerciser, Thera bands, wobbling board, and other exercise treatment equipment are included. In this lab, students to practice treatments on models before applying them to patients.

Physiology Lab

Develop the ability to examine and interpret human physiology problems from an evidence-based approach. Synthesize concepts to draw links between anatomy and physiology knowledge and real-world challenges concerning human health and medicine.This lab has microscopes, reflex hammers, B.P. apparatus, Stethoscopes, spirometer etc for carrying out the practicals of haematology, respiratory system, cardiovascular system & nervous system.

Anatomy Lab

The lab assists in determining a patient's health state. It helps with patient assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and tracking. This lab provides students with latest models, charts, skeletons, and specimens to practise the finer points of anatomy. The lab offers many bones for students to see and practise on. The lab has an anatomy museum with human body parts.

Electrotherapy Lab

The Electrotherapy demonstration lab in the Department of Physiotherapy is equipped with various electrotherapy modalities. Modalities are used to demonstrate various techniques of electrotherapy. The students learn various skills of treatment which they will use while treating the patient. This lab provides students with latest modalities and equipment’s to practise the finer treatment skills.

Outpatient Department (OPD)/Clinic

There are two Physiotherapy Clinics for the students. The students initially observe the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the patients. Later they carry out the treatment under the guidance of the teachers. This training for the students inculcates in them the ethics and the confidence to deal with patients. These clinics are well equipped with the latest equipment’s & modalities of Indian and imported varieties.
The BCIP provides high-quality treatment to people who have mobility inhibitions. It is outfitted with cutting-edge facilities and technologically advanced medical technology to guarantee that patients rehabilitate quickly.
Each Faculty and Clinical therapist expert in the department has vast experience in providing pre- and post-operative physiotherapeutic intervention to patients. The department of physiotherapy delivers exceptional therapeutic treatment, assuring the entire well-being of the community.

Research Lab

The research lab supports teaching and research utilizing state-of-the-art equipment for a broad array of kinesiological activities including three-dimensional motion (kinematic) analysis that can integrate force (kinetic) and electromyographic (EMG) measures; motor performance testing of the spine and extremities, and measures of static and dynamic balance, lung function etc.

Manual Therapy Lab

Non-pharmacological treatments for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain are gaining popularity and use across the world. A greater understanding of the underlying neurophysiological processes of manual therapy methods is essential to maximise their therapeutic efficacy. The goal of the lab is to educate and understand the peripheral and central processes of manual therapy (such as spinal manipulation/spinal mobilisation) for the treatment of musculoskeletal discomfort and/or disability. Students investigate translationally relevant research topics utilising a variety of models, custom-made devices, and electrophysiological approaches, with the goal of improving clinical therapy.

Musculoskeletal Lab

Through interactive learning and clinical scenario simulation, the lab is intended to provide a training environment for musculoskeletal physical therapy abilities. The lab allows students to practise orthopaedic and fundamental physical therapy assessment skills such as palpation, goniometry, muscular strength, gait, and vital signs evaluation. The lab for Musculoskeletal physiotherapy with many advanced & calibrated equipment’s like motion analyser to record & analyse any activity, dynamometer to measure muscle strength for almost any movement of body, balance master to test & train balance, spirometer & upper limb CPM. With help of such equipment students can produce high quality research work along with enhancing their skills.

Sports Lab

Our institute's Sports Lab offers learning programs focus on sport-specific biomechanics, injury prevention, and sports performance enhancement from a physical therapy perspective. This caters for Sports Pulmonary researches, having equipment’s such as energy consumption analyser, body composition analyser, computerised spirometer with software, ergometer treadmill, etc. These specialized equipment’s facilitate the practical skills & research activity of the students.

Computer Lab

To create an atmosphere that encourages E-learning and research. The Institute features modern computers with a high student terminal ratio. All legal software with internet, scanning, and printing capabilities to assist students with their curriculum and assignments.