The college library at BCIP provides a comprehensive library management system service. It offers a seating capacity for 60 students, spanning an area of 154 square meters.

The Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) adopted is BCIP Library, the distinct features of BCIP Library are:

  • KOHA library software system
  • E-Learning Resources - DVL Digital library online: E-Books, E-Journals, E-newspapers, articles, Video Lectures
  • Drillbit plagiarism software
  • Acquisition
  • Classification of Subjects
  • Shelves Management
  • Circulation of books and Serial Management
  • Reporting

All library books are assigned unique serial numbers, and the processes of book issuance, returns, and renewals are currently carried out manually, with book details based on ISBN and serial number. The library houses a diverse collection, including Titles: 733, Total No. of volumes: 2387, Reference Books: 733 E-Journals: 171, full-textjournals – 119, E-articles full text: 198 E-Books: 61, videos: 85, case studies 21, e-newspaper -6 Magazines: 01, Dissertations: 50+. Furthermore, the library has two computers available for internet access. Noteworthy journals recently available at the BCIP library include the "Indian Journal of Gerontology," "Physiotherapy Canada," and "Physiotherapy Practice and Research." Additionally, the library possesses valuable rare books, such as "Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine," "Sports Injuries Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation," and "Exercise Physiology Integrating Theory and Application."

The BCIP academic library is driven by several aims and objectives, including providing facilities for advanced study and research, fostering a qualitative academic environment, offering guidance and training for students pursuing higher degrees, enhancing the quality of education at all levels, aiding faculty in research output through valuable information resources, and collaborating with other institutions regarding information resources.

The library serves as a resource hub, encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity among BCIP students, making their learning experience more enriching. It fulfils its function by providing textbooks, references, periodicals, and existing research on various subjects to students, teachers, and researchers.The college library stands as a cornerstone of academic excellence, serving as a sanctuary of knowledge and a hub of intellectual exploration within the college campus. The library is a haven for those seeking to expand their horizons, providing access to a vast collection of books, journals, and research papers. It serves as a reliable companion throughout the academic journey, offering valuable support for research projects, assignments, and exam preparations. With its comprehensive array of subjects and disciplines, the library ensures that students have the necessary materials at their fingertips to delve deep into their chosen fields of study.

The college library stands as a testament to the enduring value of books and the power of knowledge. It is a sanctuary where students can embark on intellectual adventures, discover new perspectives, and cultivate a love for lifelong learning. As an integral part of the academic ecosystem, the college library remains an indispensable resource, empowering students to achieve their full academic potential and nurturing a community of enlightened minds.